companion dogs

Companion Dogs & Puppy Training

At D-for dogs we have the skills and knowledge to get you and your puppy off to the best start.

We offer a full home visit service for you and your puppy so that we can educate all those who are involved with the puppy in how to interact, handle and develop him/her in the areas required.

We also provide a comprehensive continuation training package for him/her as they develop and grow.

Help is given in:

  • Nutrition and General Health
  • House Training
  • Chewing - Biting – Jumping Up
  • Walking on the Leash
  • Recall
  • Travelling
  • Socialization
  • General Good Manners

client comments

"D-for Dogs have continued to supply our organisation a stream of quality search dogs over many years. They are always presented to the highest standard including their health, condition and ability. It is a company that provides customer satisfaction and client confidentiality."

Search Dogs

"thought provoking – I just want to know more. Thank you for showing me a constructive alternative way to get my dog to do the things that I want him to do, and training me to understand my dog."


"I only wish that I had brought you to my home with your advice when my dog was a puppy and before I did a good job of messing it up! It has been a resounding success and my life with my dog now is a pleasure and not a stress. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to all my friends."

Behavioural Training

"Thank you for my puppy, your knowledge in the breeding, whelping and rearing of these puppies cannot be recommended highly enough. It was enlightening and fascinating, I will definitely continue with the diet and puppy training programme that you gave me. You really should write a book!"


"The testing of our litter of working Springer Spaniels was intriguing to watch and as a result we have kept the right puppy to ‘Trial’, and homed the others responsibly. Knowing their temperaments and personalities at such an early stage has been such a help, we will call you in next time we have a litter. Thanks once again."

Puppy Testing