about us - buzz kennard

Buzz Kennard has been training gundogs since 1995 and was employed as kennel manager for the Metropolitan Police at Keston before leaving to successfully start her own dog training business supplying search dog’s and puppies to Government Agencies throughout the UK, Scandinavia, EU and the USA.

During this time she has been fortunate enough to work with some of the worlds leading trainers, in both Search Dog and Gun Dog training.

As a result she has been the first to transfer her modern innovative search dog training techniques and integrate them into her gundog training. She is able to cleverly use the dog’s natural abilities and drives in a non-compulsive training method. Using these methods has allowed her to compete and win in Field Trials.

Her abilities have been recognised in behavioural training where she has been able to help a large number of people who have had difficult issues to deal with either in their home or whilst out walking. She is now on the recommendation list of local vets and other medical associations.

Puppy training is one of Buzz’s' passions and she has an extensive knowledge and ability to select the correct puppy, and train the puppy to be either a perfect working search dog, gun dog or companion dog.

These methods are now proven, enabling many people to benefit and enjoy her one to one lessons, classes and puppy programme.

D-for dogs continues to lead the way.

client comments

"I have been to many different clubs and lessons, but the way that you guy’s train is so refreshing, fun and thought provoking – I just want to know more. Thank you for showing me a constructive alternative way to get my dog to do the things that I want him to do, and training me to understand my dog."


"I only wish that I had brought you to my home with your advice when my dog was a puppy and before I did a good job of messing it up! It has been a resounding success and my life with my dog now is a pleasure and not a stress. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to all my friends."

Behavioural Training